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hank you for considering Freakshow Books! We're seeking fiction and & non-fiction books about:

We're also looking for graphic novels, or out-of-print titles needing a reboot, that relate to any of the above genres.

Unless they embrace topic(s) above, we are not seeking books in the general categories of Classics, Children's, Romance (typical or paranormal), Erotica, Porn, Chick Lit, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sports, Travel, Autos, History, War, Diaspora, Politics, Business, Economics, Finance/Money, Taxation, Employment, Real Estate, Cooking, Collectibles/Antiques, Language, Computers/Technology, Science/Math, Space/Astronomy, Dance, Drama/Film/TV, Writing/Reference, Law, Self-Help, Relationships, Sexuality, Gender, Religion, Music, Education/Learning, Health/Fitness, Pets, Hobbies, Comics, Games or Gaming, or Biography.

At the moment we're also not considering zines, multimedia, videos, or films, although that may change in the future.

1. All types of hacking—culture, computers, bodies, etc.
2. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, and mummies excluded
3. Especially Abnormal & Lacanian psychology


Before submitting, consider reading our About page.  Even better, read one of our published books so you know a little about our style.

Next, confirm that your manuscript is complete, error-free, and that its subject matter is related to one or more of the genres we're seeking (see list above).

Note that we accept submissions by email only.

In order to help us avoid viruses and spam, please don't send file attachments—our mail server is cranky.

In the body of your email, please include:

  • What your book is about (your pitch/hook)
  • Your target reader's demographic & interests
  • What sets your book apart from similar books
  • Your relevant background
  • What and where you've published before
  • Book length
  • Your contact information
  • The first 3 chapters of your book (pasted as text into the email body....don't worry about formatting)

Email the above to contact at with the word Submission somewhere in the subject line.

We respond to all queries, and typically within 3 months. If we'd like to see more, we'll request a longer sample of your manuscript. If you don't hear back from us in 3 months, feel free to contact us again. We appreciate your patience.

If you use a spam filter, please tell it about the email address above so you don't miss our reply.

As a courtesy, please don't send any snail mail to our postal address unless we request it; digital is faster and cheaper anyway.  Unsolicited paper will be recycled.






Freakshow Books is seeking fiction and & non-fiction books to publish whose central themes involve Absurdism/Nihilism, Action/Adventure, Art, Capers, Circus/Carney, Comedy, Crime/True Crime, Dada, Deconstruction, Hacking, Horror, Espionage, Film/TV/Visual Culture, Fratire/Dude/Buk Lit, Freaks/Freakshows/Sideshows, Gumshoes, Gritty Dystopias, Literary Theory, Modernism, Occult, Outrageous Memoir, Outsider Art, Performance Art, Pirates, Postmodernism, Psychology, Pulp, Revenge, Sedition, Shamanism, Slapstick, Strange/Bizarre, Subversion, Surrealism, Suspense, The 1970s, and/or White Trash. Contact us!